The State of Chhattisgarh is known as rice bowl of India and follows a rich tradition of food culture .The Food preparation falls in different categories . Most of the traditional and tribe foods are made by rice and rice flour , curd(number of veg kadis) and variety of leaves like lal bhaji,chech bhaji ,kohda , bohar bhaji. Badi and Bijori are optional food categories also Gulgula ,pidiya ,dhoodh fara,balooshahi ,khurmi falls in sweet categories.

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Friday, June 14, 2019

20 Best Bhaji of Chhattisgarh /छत्तीसगढ़ की २० प्रसिद्द भाजियां

20 Best Bhaji of Chhattisgarh:

In Chhattisgarh, Food is incomplete without these leafy recipes (Bhaji). It is believed that in Chhattisgarh more than 50 species o Bhajis are available. Some of them are very tasty. These leaves are a rich source of minerals like Iron, calcium as well as Vit A & C.

Watch 20 best Bhaji (leafy vegetables) Here

Lal Bhaji (लाल भाजी ):

Also Known as Amaranth. Due to red leaves, people call it Lal Bhaji. It helps in digestion, increases immunity and good for bones.
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Lal Bhaji लाल भाजी 

Amari Bhaji (अमारी भाजी ):
Due to its Sour taste people locally call is Khatta or Amath Bhaji. It is good for digestion as well as increase blood in the body.

Amari Bhaji अमारी भाजी 

Bareai Bhaji (बरै / कुसुम भाजी):

 These leaves are available in winters. It contains 'Vit A' and good for eye sights and immunity.

Bareai Bhaji /बरै / कुसुम भाजी  

Bhathua Bhaji (भथुआ ):
 Very good for constipation and bones. Apart from veg preparation paratha and raita can be also prepared from it.

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Bhathua Bhaji /भथुआ 

Bohar Bhaji (बुहार भाजी):
 Bohar bhaji comes in Feb to April months. This bhaji is generally plucked with lots of buds.

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Bohar Bhaji/बुहार भाजी

Chana Bhaji(चना भाजी ):
In Chhattisgarh, people love to cook Chana Bhaji. During winters it grows and within 15 days, it gets ready to use for cooking. There is a tradition to dry and collect it for the rest of the months.

Chana Bhaji/चना भाजी

Chaulai Bhaji (चौलाई भाजी ):
Green Amaranth is known as Chaulai bhaji .

Chaulai Bhaji चौलाई भाजी

Chench Bhaji (चेच भाजी ) :

Chench bhaji comes in summer. The black Checnch is famous in Chhattisgarh.

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Chench Bhaji चेच भाजी

Chunchuniya Bhaji(चुनचुनिया भाजी ):

 It grows along a water body like Pond or lake. One of the notorious leaves which also locally known as Charpaniya Bhaji.

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Chunchuniya Bhaji/चुनचुनिया भाजी

Kanda Bhaji (कांदा भाजी ):
It is also known as sweet potato leaves. The leaves are helpful for bones, eyesight & immunity.

Kanda Bhaji कांदा भाजी 

Karmatta Bhaji (करमत्ता भाजी ) :
Karmatta Bhaji is also famous as water spinach or Kangkong in south Asia. It grows in watery & muddy soil. The leaves are beneficial in diabetic.
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Karmatta Bhaji करमत्ता भाजी

Kheda Bhaji (खेड़ा भाजी ):
Wild amaranth or Kheda bhaji is very popular in Chhattisgarh. In summer many of its dishes are prepared in every household. The whole plant is used in cooking to prepare different recipes.

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Kheda Bhaji खेड़ा भाजी

Kochai Paan(Arbi or colocasia)/कोचई पत्ता (अरबी के पत्ते ):

 The delicacy of Chhattisgarhi tradition "Idhar" is prepared with Kochai or Arbi leaves. The leaves and sticks can be stored in dry form for the whole year.
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Kochai Paan(Arbi or colocasia)/कोचई पत्ता (अरबी के पत्ते )

Kumhada Bhaji (कुम्हड़ा भाजी ):

 Most of the houses grow the pumpkin leaves at their backyard. These leaves are very good for bones.

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Kumhada Bhaji कुम्हड़ा भाजी 

Methi Bhaji (मेथी भाजी ):
Methi bhaji is famous across India. People make different dishes with methi bhaji. These leaves are having medicinal values. Methi bhaji mostly comes in winter but these days it is available in all seasons

Methi Bhaji मेथी भाजी 

Mooli Bhaji (मूली भाजी ):
The radish leaves are very useful. It is helpful in immunity, eyesight, and Urinary disorders.
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Mooli Bhaji मूली भाजी

Gobhi Bhaji (गोभी भाजी ) :

The cauliflowers leaves are used for the cooking purpose. These leaves are rich in minerals like calcium and Iron.

Gobhi Bhaji/गोभी भाजी

Palak Bhaji (पालक भाजी):
Spinach or Palak daal is most popular in Chhattisgarh.It is a very good source of protein, minerals & Vit A.

Palak Bhaji /पालक भाजी

Poi Bhaji (पोइ भाजी)
Poi bhaji is very good for the digestive system, eyes, bones and immunity system. It contains vitA, Vit C.

Poi Bhaji पोइ भाजी

Pyaz Bhaji (प्याज़ भाजी ):
Also, known as spring onion. Spring onions are best available in winter. The onion leaves are very good for eyes, immunity & digestion.

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Pyaz Bhaji प्याज़ भाजी

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