The State of Chhattisgarh is known as rice bowl of India and follows a rich tradition of food culture .The Food preparation falls in different categories . Most of the traditional and tribe foods are made by rice and rice flour , curd(number of veg kadis) and variety of leaves like lal bhaji,chech bhaji ,kohda , bohar bhaji. Badi and Bijori are optional food categories also Gulgula ,pidiya ,dhoodh fara,balooshahi ,khurmi falls in sweet categories.

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Friday, October 31, 2014

karonda / करौंदा

Karonda (carrisa carandas) is very well known berry in Chhattisgarh .Karonda is sour in taste and most of us must have tasted  pickle and murabba (sweet & tangy) of it .Karonda is high in Iron ,calcium and vit c . Karonda is very good for digestive system and people use it for anemia treatment. In the forest of Chhattisgarh karonda is widely available and in the rainy season people from the rural and tribes collect it.


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